2023 Week Notes - Week 5

I played in Worthing D&D White's 84-62 win against Bognor GSD this week, but finished with 0 points. It was one of those games where it felt like every pass to me was either at my ankles or over my head, so I frequently found myself having to pass the ball out of a position that I normally would have shot the ball from.

I was at The Amex to watch Brighton win 1-0 against Bournemouth. Not the most entertaining game, but on another day it could have been a game that we had lost or drawn. So good to see us find a way to win against a team that sat deep, hoped to score goals on the counter attack and continuously wasted time in dead ball situations.

With Twitter announcing that their API will no longer be free to use from the 9th of February, I deleted the workflow in Pipedream that I used to automate the syndication of my week notes to Twitter. That also means this week's notes and any future notes won't be syndicated there. Pipedream worked very well when I was using it so I'm now looking at other things I can use it for.

What has changed on this site:

  • The code that I previously used to archive my tweets to this site has been deleted. It used the Twitter API but I also don't tweet anymore so thought it would be better to delete it.
  • I added my notes for Internet for the People by Ben Tarnoff.

What I've been reading:

What I've been watching: