2023 Week Notes - Week 4

I had consecutive evenings of playing basketball this week. In addition to a training session, I played in Worthing D&D White's 85-82 win against Angmering GSD. I thought I shot the ball well when in the training session, but I surpassed my own expectations the next day - scoring from 4/5 three-point attempts and finishing the game with 12 points.

I finished reading the collection of Marvel select comics that I'd bought at the start of the month, so in January alone I've now read half as many books as I'd managed in the whole of 2022. The comics aren't anywhere near as lengthy as some of the books that I read last year so in some ways this isn't a fair comparison but they all have ISBNs so I've included them in the reading page. They've helped me to spend less time in front of a screen and I've found that they compliment the longer books that I've been reading, so this week I ordered some more.

I was at the Amex to watch Brighton win 2-1 against Liverpool in the FA cup. Kaoru Mitoma's goal was incredible and the whole team played well. It's a shame that some players appear to be badly advised by their agents and no longer feel that Brighton is the club they want to play for.

The description for the week notes were getting a bit repetitive so I've changed it up a bit this week. Might change it back in next week's notes.

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