2023 Week Notes - Week 7

Most weeks I try to avoid writing about work, but work this week took a toll on my mental health and I want to acknowledge that. There were layoffs this week at work, and while I wasn't impacted, it caused uncertainty. Having to process the changes that were happening and attend meetings about those changes, in addition to the demands of my role, caused me to feel completely drained. I didn't really have the motivation or energy to achieve anything outside of work, even playing on the PlayStation felt like a chore as I was too tired to focus on the game I was playing.

Saturday was Bruno's 10th birthday! He insisted on a visit to the pub on Friday night so he could indulge in a couple of packets of Red Leicester flavoured Mini Cheddars.

Bruno the Sussex Spaniel staring at a packet of crisps which are out of shot. His brown fur is a little shiny in the light, his mouth is open and his tongue is almost hanging out of his mouth.
Mini Cheddars on his mind.

On Saturday, I was at The Amex to watch Brighton lose 1-0 against Fulham. One of those games where the longer it went without Brighton scoring, the more likely it felt that Fulham would have one clear chance and score. Shame that again the refereeing isn't consistent and took the focus off enjoying the game.

I felt like I needed to get myself away from my desk after this week, so on Sunday so I went to watch Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania at my local cinema. I enjoyed the film, though I can see why it might not prove popular.

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