2023 Week Notes - Week 8

On Wednesday, I commuted up to London to work in the office. I met a friend at the train station who was waiting for the same train. It turned out that they were working in an office that was a 5 minute walk from mine so we had a good catch-up during our commute. Working in the office gave me a good chance to interact with people that I wouldn't normally talk to but I was socially exhausted by the end of the day.

I published eleventy-plugin-mastoarchive. I had some free time this week, so the code that I used to fetch all my public Mastodon posts is now available as a plugin. It took me a few attempts to publish a version that had complete documentation so it went from version 0.1.0 to version 0.1.4 quite quickly.

I don't normally play games on my phone, but this week I discovered Isle of Arrows. I really like the tower defence and board game combination and my phone battery statistics suggest that I also found it addictive. I managed to spend some time playing Guardians of the Galaxy on the PS5 this week too and completed a couple of levels.

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