2023 Week Notes - Week 9

Any free time I got this week was spent playing on the PlayStation, with a large amount of this time spent completing the story in Guardians of the Galaxy. I liked that puzzle solving was an important part of the game and that most boss battles required more than pressing the shoot button repetitively. I then moved onto playing Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. I chose to play in "exploration mode" rather than the guided mode that featured in previous Assassin's Creed games. I found it a bit confusing that I was able to trigger a side-quest that required a skill that I hadn't unlocked yet when I discovered a cave while playing the first part of the story. The exploring mode feels a lot more natural to how I would chose to play the game and places a lot less emphasis on advancing the story while rewarding the completion of side-quests.

On Saturday, I was at The Amex to watch Brighton win 4-0 against West Ham. West Ham may have been poor, but Brighton were so clinical. In recent seasons, that Brighton team may have settled for the one goal lead rather than trying to score as many as possible. The positive approach that the players are now taking into every game is not only winning games but also making us very fun to watch. I can't remember Brighton scoring this many goals in a season since maybe the year we finished second in the Championship to get promoted to the Premier League.

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