2024 Week Notes - Week 4

On Monday, I was at the American Express stadium to watch Brighton draw 0-0 against Wolves. Not the most exciting game.

On Tuesday, I had a basketball game for Worthing D&D White in a 80-74 win against SE Tigers in the plate competition. I knew what the score was this time because I asked for a photo of the score sheet after the game. I made three three-pointers and a free throw for my first double digit game of the season which I was very pleased with. There was a lot of condensation on the court in the second half which made playing quite difficult but both teams were determined not to have the game called off. It ended up more like walking basketball by the end of the game.

On Friday, I got to collect my new car. It also meant saying goodbye to my first car which I used in a part-exchange. I'm very happy with the new car and all the new things that come with it that my old car didn't have.

On Saturday, I travelled up to Sheffield to watch Brighton win 5-2 against Sheffield United in the FA cup. This game was more exciting to watch than the game against Wolves on Monday and worth making the long journey for.

I also started the first few puzzles in Journal 29: Oblivion. Some pages are already causing headaches.

View from the away end at Bramall Lane. The players of Brighton and Sheffield United prepare to kick-off.
Sheffield United (A)

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