2024 Week Notes - Week 5

On Monday, I had a basketball session in the evening. Not the best session I've had and I grew increasingly frustrated with how little the basketball was being shared amongst the team.

I was more excited about the drive to and from basketball than the session itself. The driving experience in my new car is a massive improvement on my old car. Not having to wait 10 minutes for the windscreen to demist also meant I got home earlier.

I had a basketball game on Tuesday, playing for Worthing D&D White in a loss to Bognor GSD. We got into foul trouble early in the game and were out-rebounded on both ends of the court. I thought I had a bad game all-round.

On Wednesday, I visited my old secondary school to watch my younger cousin play the role of Shrek in the school's production of Shrek (the musical). They did very well, and it wasn't bad for a school production.

I started playing Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation this week. I got bored of the repetitive tasks in the Assassin's Creed games and wanted something different. I'm enjoying Zero Dawn so far.

On Saturday, I was at the American Express stadium to watch Brighton win 4-1 against Crystal Palace. It was the kind of game that felt like a must not lose, and I wasn't feeling optimistic before kick-off. A superb win in the end.

I wrote this week's notes on my phone using Obsidian and then copied and pasted the file into the GitHub mobile app that commits the single markdown file. I'm unsure if this will be my preferred publishing flow, but it does mean that I can write my notes as they happen. I'm still tempted to build something that automates the copy/paste step of publishing these notes.

What has changed on this site:

  • No changes this week. I have a draft post that I'm working on which hasn't been published yet.

What I've been reading:

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