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Walking from La Concha to the top of Monte Urgull in San Sebastián.

Isla de Santa Clara (small island) that is located in the bay of San Sebastián. On the island is a single white building that is surrounded by trees that cover the rest of the island. Two small sailing boats are sailing away from the island in opposite directions. To the left of the island, is the sandy beach of La Concha. To the right of the island is the tree covered hill of Monte Igueldo. Two benches arranged one-behind the other, looking over the bay of San Sebastián towards Monte Igueldo. Trees to the left of the benches are providing shade. To the right of the benches is a stone wall with a white ceramic staircase at the end that leads down. Over the wall you can see the sea. The eastern side of La Concha beach in San Sebastián. The tide is out which exposes the gold coloured sand. Above the sea wall which lines the beach is San Sebastián city hall. Behind the city hall is the old town of San Sebastián which is overlooked by the tree covered hill of Monte Urgull. At the top of Monte Urgull is a statue of Jesus.