Week Notes - Week 26

At the half way point of a level in a Super Mario game there's a checkpoint flag that appears where you can respawn from if things don't go to plan. There's no save point here though, just my notes from the last seven days.

Work this week was a slightly slower pace than normal and most of my time was spent resolving small issues that improve the quality of the application we're developing.

I've encountered a bug in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on my switch that stops me from continuing The Empire Strikes Back so I started looking through other games to play. I downloaded the Portal: Companion Collection and gave myself motion sickness by finishing a play-through of Portal in one sitting.

What has changed on this site:

  • I moved the links for what I've been reading and the colophon out of the footer and into the header. I'm not particularly good at design but this change feels a bit more organised and puts all the navigation items in one place.
  • I added <meta name="generator" content="Eleventy v2.0.1"> to the head of my base template. The generator meta tag helps automated tools determine what static site generator was used to build my site.
  • I modified my build commands so that I was no longer using the globally installed version of 11ty and instead use the version I specify in package.json.

What I've been reading:

What I've been watching: