2023 Week Notes - Week 35

The week started with a bank holiday, so Becka and I took advantage of the long weekend by spending the day in Brighton. I managed to pick up some things I needed and it was nice to be able to enjoy Brighton in the sunshine. We had a very good meal at Salt Shed - the pastrami steak here was particularly good.

I started playing Murdle. Despite the name, it has very little in common with Wordle other than that the game refreshes daily. I had bought the book version while in Brighton and started playing the online version so I could understand how the puzzles are solved. That resulted in me trying to solve the puzzles for the rest of the week with varying levels of success.

For the last time this summer, I had two basketball sessions in a week. It only took all summer but I was finally shooting the ball better and had a greater confidence in my three-point shot. I definitely pushed myself too hard in the second session though and found it much harder to keep up with the pace of the games as the session went on. There's only one session per week from now on due to the availability of the court.

I spent a couple of hours working on my micropub server and client, which at the moment is starting to look more like a custom built CMS. Really I'm just trying to publish to my site without relying on git being available on the device I want to publish from. I managed to deploy the proof of concept client with password protection this week. Basic HTTP authentication wasn't an option, so I instead used PageCrypt as a temporary means of adding single-user authentication.

On Saturday, I was at The American Express Stadium to watch Brighton win 3-1 against Newcastle. Evan Ferguson rightly gets a lot of the credit for scoring three goals, but the overall team performance was significantly improved compared to last week's defeat against West Ham. With fixtures against Ajax, Marseille, and AEK Athens to look forward to in the next few months its definitely an exciting time to be a Brighton fan.

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