2023 Week Notes - Week 44

Wednesday was a busy day. I had to attend an in-person meeting in London at 9 am, so I was up early to get the train. I collected my day travel car from the train station, only to find I had bought the travel card for the day before and so I had to purchase a new ticket. Then the train I was travelling on was eventually cancelled before it could reach London. I eventually got to London, over an hour later than planned and half an hour late for the meeting. I did get half the cost of my train ticket refunded due to the delay.

I had a work social event that afternoon which was good fun. It was nice to be able to chat with some of the other UK based software engineers and the challenges that their teams are facing. My social battery was pretty much empty for the rest of the week though.

No basketball again this week. There was a session Friday evening but I was mentally exhausted and thought that I would not have enjoyed myself if I had attended. Worthing D&D White don't have any games scheduled for a couple of weeks so I have a while before the next game.

I've still been playing Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on the PS5 this week. I've managed a total of over 10 hours of gameplay according to the PlayStation app. Much like some of the other games that I've played where there are side quests in addition to the main story, I've been completing every side quest that I've come across which has slowed the progress of the story.

I've now read a total of 25 books so far this year. I'm particularly pleased because last year I managed to read 10 books, and excluding the graphic novels I read this year, I've read 11 books with a month still to go. It helps that I'm starting to identify which books I think I will enjoy reading and which ones I think I won't.

What has changed on this site:

  • There's now an RSS feed for the photos page.
  • For the notes that I've published directly to this site, there is now a bigger space between the note content and the links to where the note was syndicated to.

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